Training Friesians through all dressage levels and especially trick-training requires
a professional long-term experience with and around horses and a lot of patience.

We train our horses with a positive reward system so that they remember
the tricks forever and remain happy and friendly performing them.

Every horse is different and each one truly excels in a certain area.
It is our everyday work to find out what they like best, what to begin with
and sometimes also what not to ask for if we feel it goes beyond a horses
capability and the horse feels greatly uncomfortable with what is asked of them.

Especially if it comes to teaching them special tricks like the Polka Walk,
the Spanish Walk, Bowing, Laying Down, Sitting, Rearing, Piaffe and Passage.

We have no grooms. We feed, groom and tack up our horses ourselves -
also the horses we have in training. We believe that the close and personal
contact and the additional (grooming) time we spend with the horses
supports and expedites the bond we have with our horses.
It also provides top quality care for all of our horses before and after
the riding part. When we groom them and tack them up before we ride
them, we notice every little something that could possibly interfere
with the training session ahead. After the training session, we cool them off
and give them a shower and check them over again.
This is what we call professional care, because we - the professionals - care.

We do and have always preferred quality over quantity and that is why we
only accept 3 training horses to work with in addition to the horses we own.
Horses in training with us receive the exact same outstanding care as
our own horses and it shows in our training results.